A.- Appraisal and refurbishment of all kinds of properties. Tax and Legal Services. Investments and Research. Consultancy of any Real Estate Property concerning ownership, comprehensive Title and Real Estate Search Reports, similar to the U.S. "Title Insurance for Purchases" which gives absolute Security to the buyer.

B.- BRARSA´s Information Department has designed programs for data processing of the different properties through its Computer Network by this mean BRARSA can find, at the drop of a hat, the property its client is looking for, or also select a suitable client for the properties it offers for sale, thus owners and buyers both receive a prompt and efficient service.

C.- BRARSA has gained the position as a Leader in selling valuable properties to the most important Embassies, Individuals and National and International Corporations

D.- BRARSA is a Real Estate Society, which offers its clientele great quality in each professional service, remaining faithful to the demand of International Quality, thanks to BRARSA´s constant desire to EXCEL.

Regarding any property you wish to sell or acquire, please go to BRARSA; this is the intelligent form of selling what you have or finding what you are looking for.

You are cordially invited to grade by yourself the services offered by BRARSA, so that you can exclaim enthusiastically, LONG LIVE THE GREAT DIFFERENCE


Blanca Rosa Alvarez Rodríguez